We are a company with representation in Latin America, leaders in middleware and cloud technologies. We are looking for people who want to grow and enhance their talents, promoting and being part of the achievements of 3HTP and its clients. In this sense, our team looks for people who have the following skills.

  • Good Communication and Customer Service

    Even being a technology professional, one of the principles of 3HTP is empathy and commitment to our clients, it is one of the characteristics that most defines us. That is why 3HTP members must know how to interact with customers, understand and respond to their needs.

  • Teamwork

    Being a company with representation in several countries, teamwork, as well as mastery of communication and project management tools is very important.

  • Personal development and improvement

    Our work is developed in one of the activities with the most technological changes, that is why self-preparation and constant improvement is vital. Within the annual goals, the company defines for each of its employees a group of knowledge and certifications that must be completed so that they can grow in the organization and participate in more complex projects. At 3HTP the study is constant.

  • Remote online work

    Much of our work is done online, with different members of the 3HTP team or with client teams. The availability of online work is very important and also the ability to organize the time and tasks assigned to you.

  • Instruction and training

    One of the elements that characterizes 3HTP members is sharing knowledge, among the members of the Company and towards our clients. That is why one of the functions of the members of the company is to make presentations of content, a project or training for clients.